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Custom made flowers by Flower Queen Miami.
Giant roses, daisies, lotuses, golden flowers and dahlias are made of high-quality foam. Come and see this beauty at the vintage store The House of Findings at Upper Buena Vista in Miami.
storefront design Miami flowers2.jpg
giant foam flowers ceiling 2.jpg
giant foam flowers ceiling 3.jpg
storefront design Miami flowers 3.jpg
storefront design Miami flowers 4.jpg
giant foam flowers miami.jpg
giant foam flowers miami 4.jpg
storefront miami 56.jpg
Our “Wish Tree” donations to @onetreeplanted going to Peru’s Amazon Rainforest AND also giving a little back to our beautiful banyan tree at Upper Buena Vista with two custom made flowers from @flowerqueenmiami. Come get your ribbons and make your wish @thehouseoffindings in Miami. Address: 5030 NE 2nd Ave #404, Miami, FL 33137
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