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Artist / Founder of Flower Queen Miami
Rufina Magafurova

Flower Queen Miami is a unique event decor company based in South Florida. Owned by an artist Rufina Magafurova.

Radiating boss energy within every aspect of life, Rufina Magafurova is a Russian American artist who has her unique vision in 3D art. She creates giant flowers and art projects on canvas. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"I like the process of preparation and getting to know my clients better, developing the concept and the ideas together. It’s an absolutely individual process that satisfies individual needs and make people’s dreams come true.

As a person who has always been in art and design sphere I am sure our cooperation will bring lots of joy and positive experience."








The Most Exciting Projects
Our Mission

• Creating hero flowers for LIZZO performance and decorating the stage with customs made flowers for Art Basel show.

• Producing custom made flowers for LIZZO performance in New Year Show , Las Vegas


• Creating sunflowers for Van Gogh Exhibit (Miami, California and Texas)

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• Decorating the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Guitar hotel in Hollywood Florida.

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• Placing a few art installations for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week.
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• Winterfest Gala which was sponsored by Hard Rock Casino.

• Placing the biggest art installation at a local Pilates studio in Coral Gables. Rufina created a 16ft by 15ft flower wall with giant flowers.

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• Making custom made Asian flowers for a private party on Chinese New Year. Art installation was 10ft tall.
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• She was hired by AARP events.

• Placing an art installation for Valentine’s Day at Shops in Pembroke Gardens (local mall)

• Partnering with Design & Fashion Magazine. Cover Girl

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