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Meet the Artist

Flower Queen Miami is a unique event decor company based in South Florida. Owned by an artist Rufina Magafurova.

Radiating boss energy within every aspect of life, Rufina Magafurova is a Russian American artist who has her unique vision in 3D art. She creates giant flowers and art projects on canvas. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"I like the process of preparation and getting to know my clients better, developing the concept and the ideas together. It’s an absolutely individual process that satisfies individual needs and make people’s dreams come true.

As a person who has always been in art and design sphere I am sure our cooperation will bring lots of joy and positive experience."


Impress Your Guests

Impress Your Guests

Give them the WOW effect with our unique decor.

Create the magical atmosphere you deserve at any location, land or sea. We enjoy working with venues and yachts particularly.


Accent your entire space with our spectacular decor, like giant free-standing flowers (4ft-8ft tall), arches, floating flowers for pools, hanging floral decor for ceilings, unique backdrops, flower walls and much more!

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How do we work?

After you've contacted us and you've picked flower decor for your upcoming event the next step is to book this decor for your special day. 


Our advice is to book your day as soon as possible. Why?

  • All our decor is all limited edition and hand-crafted.  First book, first serve basis.

  • We get more that 30 events every month and decorate weddings, corporate events, VIP parties, sweet 16s, anniversaries and more.  We usually get booked really fast.  Booking in advance guarantees that the decor will be available for you.

  • We don't do rush orders.

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How to Book Decor?

When you're ready, we'll send you an invoice and a contract. To guarantee your booking  immediately, a 50% deposit is required of the total amount and then the remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event. ⠀

After you've made a deposit, we'll be able to hold the decor or start working on your custom design. ⠀

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Why Foam?

  • The material is very soft and feels like a suede.

  • It's waterproof, specifically rain resistant.

  • Foam is thermal resistant. It doesn't loose a color under the sun and doesn't melt.

  • Extremely durable. Flowers will remain in great condition for years to come.


Custom Designs

Flower Queen Miami accepts custom designs. We create any type of flowers, colors or sizes you can dream of.


For example, if you’re considering a Wonderland-themed party, your event design could include a stunning garden, luminescent floating flowers like no one has seen before. Our custom decor will surely make your event truly unforgettable.



Our team does delivery, installation and breakdown. Same day late pickup available.



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